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Choosing an exterior paint color is no easy task.  Color creates the first impression and gives a lasting impression of your home to those see it.  What are some of the factors that go into making the best choice of an exterior house color?

1.       Exterior paint ideas and any exterior paint schemes should all be considered together.   While choosing all the colors at once may take longer initially, it will reduce the cost of a painting in the long run. 

2.        Many exterior paint colors are different than interior colors.  Outdoor colors tend to be bolder, brighter and have more intensity than interior colors Consider that darker colors fade faster than lighter ones.

3.       What colors are already in your neighborhood that you like?  Will your color scheme “fit”?

4.       Some features of your house like the roofing shingles or brick cannot be changed and will need to be matched with the new paint color. (Features like air conditioners, gutters or downspouts should not be accented with a different color.  This only makes them stick out.)

5.       Lighter colors make a home look larger and darker tones make a home seem smaller.

6.       Two tints from the same color strip a few shades apart is a safe approach.

7.       Use color visualizers and virtual pallets that paint manufacturers supply on their website to see what colors look like together.

8.       Finally, buy a quart of the body, trim and accent color and put them on your house before you make the final decision.  This is one step that no one should neglect.  A change can easily be make at this point and the colors can be viewed at different times of the day.

The best choice in the final analysis will be natural and harmonious.  It will reveal the real personality of your home. 


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