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Elastomeric Coating Service

Elastomeric coatings are an alternative to more traditional acrylic and oil paints. Elastomeric coatings, which are applied thicker than traditional paints, are used on a number of surfaces such as stucco, brick, split-faced block, concrete or EIFS (Exterior Insulation Finishing System, a type of exterior wall). Elastomeric paint's elasticity allows it go expand and contract without chipping, cracking or peeling.

Moorhouse Painting has a great deal of specialized experience in applying elastomeric coatings to building exteriors, whether they be commercial or industrial walls and roofs. But we like to first discuss with our customers whether it is the preferred method for their exterior painting project.

Texcote Service

Texcote is a particular brand of elastomeric-like paint. It was used heavily back in the '60s and '70s, pitched as a long-lasting paint. It is typically sprayed on stucco, siding, eaves and sometimes even fascia and window trim, giving the surface a popcorn ceiling-type look.

Over time Texcote exteriors might become difficult to patch up. And so Moorhouse Painting offers our customers a Texcote removal service, and, depending on the customer's preferences, can apply a new coat of Texcote or a more traditional, high-quality paint. 

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