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Irvine, California is well known as a commercial and instustrial business hub. As one of the fastest growing US populations, Bloomberg BusinessWeek described Irvine as one of "The Top 10 Cities for Startups." With the status as a commercial, industrial and startup business hub comes the need for a lot of buildings. It follows that a lot of branding and therefore interior and exterior painting projects are required. 

A business's interior and exterior should double as a marketing strategy. It's great advertisement for potential clients, investors and even for new employees, especially in the startup sector, where recent grads and young professionals expect not only a dynamic business, but a healthy work environment that is conducive to creativity. When people arrive at your business headquarters, they should have an idea what the business is all about from the look of the exterior. 

A company's building exterior, whether it's a startup or an established company, should project their desired image. The design and color selection could be playful if the company likes to project that sort of image. On the other hand, if the company prefers a more minimal design, then an exterior paint job can project those principles onto the exterior. 

The same goes for interiors. As noted above, there is a great push for wellbeing in the workplace, and a new paint job can do wonders in creating the desired atmosphere. It could be playful and Willy Wonka-esque like Google's interiors, which feature its logo's distinctive colors; or more subdued, with a concentration on a calming color like blue or a warm color like yellow.

It all depends on what your company wants. A great painting contractor will help you get exactly the look you need. 

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