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 Eco-friendliness and sustainability are big concerns here in California—Irvine is no exception. Over the years, a number of products have been released, all across the spectrum, contributing to the “green economy.” The same is true for the paint industry. Eco-friendly paints are now quite common. But, how does a commercial or industrial business owner know what to choose?

Here are some of my tips.

Pay attention to the labeling. It's not enough for the branding to say, “Eco-Friendly Paint.” Certain companies engage in what is called “greenwashing,” the practice of making exaggerated or misleading claims about the product. It may not be malicious, but the product could represent a confused sense of what green is by both the company and its marketing team.

Look for third-party certification on the labels. If the paint product truly is environmentally-friendly, the label should feature certification to back up the claim. I also recommend using Low or Zero-VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) paints, which create a safer, cleaner interior atmosphere.

Green Seal and GreenGuard certify eco-friendly paints, so look for that certification on the label, or ask a painting contractor to use these certified paints. Green Seal certifies that a paint’s VOC ratio is 50 g/l or lower for flat paints, and 100 g/l or lower for non-flat paints. GreenGuard, on the other hand, allows trace amounts of of VOC’s in its certified paints. 

If you have any more questions about eco-friendly paints and application for your next commercial or industrial interior and exterior project, please give Moorhouse a call at 310.961.0323 or email us at

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