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Whiteboard and Chalkboard Paint? 

Yes, they may sound cute or a gimmicky, but whiteboard (aka dry erase board) and chalkboard paint are really quite helpful and neat looking. You're likely to see a lot of these at tech startup offices. Think Google, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. It's one part design aesthetic, one part function. Instead of limiting your vision and ideas to a notepad or computer screen, or even your smartphone, you use chalk or markers and conceptualize on a larger scale. Or, just give yourself wallspace to keep basic notes: meeting topics, dates, workflow, etc. 

Here are a few things for Irvine businesses to think about when considering dry erase or chalkboard paints.  

How Do These Paints Work?

Whiteboard, or dry erase, is a paint but not like traditional ones. Some, like IdeaPaint, are water-based, while Whitey Board's product is "moisture cured, polyurethane (HDI based) coating/sealer." Once the wall is clean and prepped, prime the wall, then follow that up with the dry erase paint, making sure it spreads out evenly. If there are any thin spots, the dry erase won't work. When Moorhouse Coating's painters apply dry erase paint, we're careful to ensure a nice, even coating.

Chalkboard paint product is offered by most paint manufacturers, so it should be easy to find. First, clean and prep the surface. With chalkboard paint, it helps to use a primer, but it's not absolutely necessary. Metal surfaces, however, will probably need to be sanded first in order to ensure proper chalkboard paint adhesion. So keep that in mind.

Once the whiteboard or chalkboard paint is applied, be sure to give it enough time to dry. For best results, give it 2-3 days to properly cure.  


Instead of painting an entire office space white, and singling out one wall for dry erase paint, think of the whiteboard as an accent wall. For example, why not paint three walls red and then accent an "ideas wall" with the whiteboard paint? It will give the room some depth and character, and really focus attention on the dry erase board, where ideas can live. 

Maybe you don't want the entire wall to be outfitted in dry erase paint. If that's the case, section off one or more areas on a wall to be dedicated dry erase or chalkboard spaces. You can get playful and creative here, working with all sorts of geometric shapes, giving the room an almost decorative finish look. Whitey Board has a full spectrum of paints (see the yellow dry erase wall in the image above), so you're not just limited to white for dry erase and charcoal for blackboard paint. 

These are just a few ideas for whiteboard and chalkboard paints. Get in touch with us if you have any questions about applying these paints to your commercial or industrial offices. 


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