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One of the tasks that specialty painters have learned to do recently is to apply special coatings to imitate a movie screen. With the advent of 1080 video projectors for less than a thousand dollars, there is a need for a quality screen at a comparable price. The cost of larger manufactured screens is significant and the possibility of reproducing an alternative at a fraction of the cost has motivated many to explore this option. The cheapest alternative to a commercially manufactured screen is a white fabric screen.


Fabric unfortunately doesn't reflect like a hard surface and can wrinkle or ripple in time. For mobility fabric is necessary but this requires more materials than just paint and doesn’t always result in a better screen. While cloth or plastic screens aren't that expensive not everyone needs this extra option. To replicate a fabric screen, you need a white material that reflects back exactly what the projector puts out. It should have no color bias, no gain, with a pure smooth finish. It reflects the maximum amount of image detail with no distortion.

The easiest way to a screen is applying paint on a wall. First, you need a really smooth surface. To accomplish an optimal result the painter will have to sand, paint, sand and then paint again. For color, a neutral white is best and any tint in the paint will tint the image. If you are not sure about which color or product to use, we can sample a few products. Behr and Goo both make a good product. Valspar also makes a cinema screen product. Behr makes one called ‘Silver Screen’ and Goo Systems offers a great product called ‘Screen Goo’. Any of these products will work.

The typical screen has a ratio of 16:9 meaning it is almost twice as wide as it is tall. If you want a screen 8 feet wide, then it should be 4.5 feet tall. Shine your projector on the wall you want to paint and the size will take care of itself. When you are ready to have your own commercial quality screen at bargain basement prices, give us a call.

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